The Kikuyu a Bantu speaking ethnic group in Kenya know the saying “The work you have made yourself, is never impossible”. This proverb did not let me go for quite a time because in my opinion it points out an essential topic: I personally determine consciously or unconsciously what I do and can.

Therefore, I am convinced that I make myself nothing what I cannot reach. Nevertheless, if I made myself something I cannot reach, I cannot lose anyhow: In this case I am just learning. This point of view makes it much easier to go through live because you either reach your goals or you learn.

I wish you a great time with learning!

Beat R. Wicki

Beat R. Wicki

Young and motivated

Wouldn’t this be an optimal description of your staff? And we will make it real for you! From tomorrow we will be again in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary to recruit students for our Stagiaires-Program.

  • Are you an interested student you can join us for the recruitment on Wednesday 21.9.16 in Podĕbrady, CZ, on Thursday 22.9.16 in Banská Bystrica, SK, on Friday 23.9.16 in Békéscsaba, HU and on Saturday 24.9.16 in Balatonföldvár, HU. Just register on our website in advance.
  • Do you have a hotel or restaurant in Switzerland and look for motivated, talented and hard-working staff members from 23.12.16 – 9.4.17, just contact us. We will identify your specific needs and try to provide you suitable candidates.

We look forward to an interesting week with lots of exciting interviews. See you soon!


Good Feelings

Recently I read in a business newsletter about «good» sales tips. There was a comparison between a salesman, who is well trained and uses the well trained methods correctly, with one that is open minded towards his customers. The latter is not using any conventional and trained methods, but is living his personality and tries to convey true emotions to his counterpart.

Guess who got the job. Of course it is the second salesman. For me the keyword is authenticity. It cannot be if I try to keep up appearances and try to be successful with a trained method. My customers will realize that something is not true. Even if management likes to focus on facts and figures, managers are also human beings and they have emotions they cannot influence. If I play just a role a bad feeling will be created and the deal can only be settled if the customers brain dominates the stomach. This is also for a tough buyer not satisfying, even he cannot agree J.

In the meantime, I even go one step ahead and refer potential customers at them my gut feeling is not good to competitors. I am convinced that they are repealed much better there. Only if my feeling is correct, I can use my full positive power of all my experience and expertise to the benefit of my customers.

even the cows are happy :-)

even the cows are happy :-)

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Unsere Stagiaires – Ihr Erfolg

This blog is exceptionally only in German as we promote our Stagiaires-Programme. This offers to young performers from Eastern Europe a short course combined with a paid internship in Switzerland. You will find more information in our website.

G2 SEP einfach 25


“Helping somebody does not mean to neglect yourself” is a quotation of Maprussi. The Maprussi is a tribe in the western African countries Ghana and Togo. It is obvious that they still have an immense knowledge of original wisdom, because I think the saying is quite exciting. Indeed, it is easy to transfer into management.

The relationship between employees and supervisor is ultimately a mutual help: The company “helps” the employees with a salary as compensation for their labor. With their expertise and their time, employees help the company to achieve their goals. Thus, everyone helps each other in an employment relationship. The core of the proverb is probably what is nowadays known as a healthy “work-life-balance”. Only a balance of giving and taking is sustainable and promising. Therefore the appreciative and fair treatment of employees should be self-evident and leads to long-term stable success.

Do you want to hear more about this topic? Shall I share my personal experience in this with you? Just contact me!

Beat R. Wicki

Beat R. Wicki


Robert H. Waterman, American management consultant, once said: „Give your employees challenges where they have to make full use of their skills. Give them all necessary information. Explain them clearly what has to be attained. And then – leave them alone”. I heard this quotation recently at a management workshop.

Waterman’s company is not primarily focused on hotels but according to my experience this quotation fits perfectly to hospitality industry. How else than with trust in the abilities of all your employees can you provide an outstanding performance in a hotel? Mostly the employees are alone with your guests and therefore directly responsible for the quality. Of course it is also important that your staff members know all settings and have all information to provide their job. But even more important is the trust in all of them and theirs abilities. Thus they can provide their best. From my experience employees grow out of their abilities quickly if they have the necessary backing.

Be brave and offer trust to your employees. Do not forget to ask for the performance needed. It is a pleasure to me supporting you respective settings. Just contact me if you are interested in more information!

Bob Waterman

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Recently I heard the statement that leadership is like a pebble that is thrown into water and spreads out in all directions in waves. This picture did not leave me in silence since it almost perfectly matches with my personal experience.

Interestingly, most management theories consider management as a linear process. A action provokes a reaction which triggers a movement in the desired direction. Whether this is done by objectives, projects or motivation of your employees, all these approaches have a big weakness, as they stay linear. The picture of the pebble in the water touches the reality much closer, as every action I take as manger does not only move into one direction but produces waves in my whole environment. The key to success is in yourself. Evenness, inner balance and a clear personal vision are the basis for the provision of “nice” waves and therefore an improved performance.¨

Are you interested in this topic? I am very happy to share the methods I have experienced myself to achieve a good balance and respective performance. Contact me just now!


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Charming Offense

In Swiss tourism a lot of people nowadays are wailing and asking for support from outside. Of course the strong Swiss Franc is a challenge for the incoming business. Also the backlog of investment in many Swiss hotels is a challenge. But wailing and looking for support from outside is not the right approach. There are other options:

On June 29th, 2016 100 tourism managers from Surselva (a region in Graubünden, Switzerland) went to Zurich to invite spontaneous 100 people for a decelerated lunch on a boat. They draw very charming attention to their region and its perfect recovery potential. And this happened in a target market that surely can afford Swiss price level. It is also interesting that potential competitors went together to reach a bigger goal. Congratulations!

For me this is a perfect example where entrepreneurs are active and do something. Even if out of this charming offense no direct booking happens for the region, the effect in media was huge and lots of people got attention for the region.

Bild: Surselva.info

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Managers like to talk about success. I think this is human and also I prefer to talk more about success than failures. This behavior is also influenced by our European thinking. In Silikon Valley for example, one of world’s biggest hotbed of innovation, this thinking is not usual and failure is part of daily business.

And failures belong to life. A success is the exception – failures are the rule. At the end it is not important to have direct success, but that we learn from failures and do not repeat them. Even Albert Einstein once said that somebody who makes mistakes is not stupid but only the one who repeats his mistakes. If you do this consequently you will also learn to recognize already the approach of failures. Besides learning from failures it is also important to put them in the right frame. If you once found your life vision and know in which direction you want to move, failures cannot bring you away from your path, you keep your motivation in spite of failures.

Are you looking for your life vision? Do you need support after failures or do you just want to question your way? I am ready to support you!


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[de]At today’s globalization aren’t you looking for individualization from time to time? Wouldn’t you like to have an element, which is totally unique and just yours?

Avenwood, a Swiss company is offering what makes you happy every day from new: a cover for your smartphone made of bamboo wood. On the backside your personal design is burnt with a laser. I combined my love for Africa with my logo. The real genius aspect is the perfect customer service with extremely short reaction times. From order to unpack my new cover it did not even take two days! A perfect service where many companies could learn from. At the moment I cannot take my smartphone without turning it and enjoy my personal cover :-).

Offer you one of these little pleasures in daily life. You will find all details under www.avenwood.ch.[/en]


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