The Chinese philosopher Laotse (571 – 531 B.C.) once said „the one who knows his goals, will find his way“. I think he is absolutely true and brings it to the point.

First step always is to know one’s goal. With every project I start, I agree in detail with my customers what has to be achieved. If the goals are clear the focus moves to find the appropriate way to reach them. It is possible to start many projects alone. But very often it is advisable to call in the support of experts for some questions. Those can answer the open questions with the necessary competence and should reach the goal due to their big experience faster.

I would love to support you in reaching your goals and projects together with my wide network of experts. Contact me right now!


The visionary and valiant well known Swiss entrepreneur and politician Gottlieb Duttweiler (1888 – 1962) once said: “Employees are like a passbook, if you do not deposit any money you cannot withdraw anything!” With this quotation he hit the nail on the head in various ways:

Very often and mostly too quick formal highly qualified managers of today’s companies reduce the number of staff, reduce the salaries or decide about other deterioration of working conditions of troubles arise. If you just consider the monetary aspects these decisions may be correct. But the employees finally provide the success of any company. Either this is directly by delivering excellent service performance – what for example is crucial in hotels. Or it is indirect by optimized process management, which raises the quality or keeps it just high. If working conditions – or as managers like to say “total compensation” – are worsened, naturally the motivation and with this the performance of staff will descend. I am definitively not a trade unionist who is demanding raising salaries. Beside of the wages there are many other aspects that have an essential role in staff satisfaction: working climate or esteem are just two of them.

Wouldn’t it be desirable, if the employees start finding solutions if crises arise? There are examples for this – let us learn out of those!

Entrepreneur in Gastronomy

The association of Swiss restaurant managers published recently that Swiss people spent 1.1 percent less than last year for food and beverage consummation. Now they demand for tourism symposium and political support.

Of course tourism has a challenge in Switzerland, especially due to strong Swiss franc and business has become harder that a couple of years ago. But for me the solution is not coming from outside and definitely not from politics. Naturally I agree with the restaurateurs, that politics has to provide good framework conditions. But I am not an entrepreneur because somebody has to do anything for me. Rather I am entrepreneur because I want to take the responsibility for my business and with this also for me. This is still possible in gastronomy as many successful restaurants proof every day.

Much more than earlier changes and adaptations to the needs of the customers are asked. Do you need support or good ideas, how your customers will come due to economic challenges? Let me know, it is spring and the time to start with new ideas? I am with you!

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Last Saturday I went for a hike together with friends. It was fascinating to observe with what incredible power the buds began to sprout at the various trees. And this in spite of the rainy weather.

Spring is adapted to the element wood in Taoist worldview, which stands for ascending energy. It is no surprise that in popularly on speaks of spring fever if a new love blossoms. Correspondingly also in business it is appropriate to feel the spring. If you start a new project, if you start a new challenge or if you found a new company. Spring offers the best energy for that. So use this positive energy as soon as possible!

What are your new projects? Whereby can I support you? It is a pleasure to me to accompany you in realization of your dreams with my huge experience to make sure your projects and ideas will be implemented efficient and effective. I am looking forward to your contact.


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Who is looking?

Recently I heard at a seminar the following question: „Is it the candidates that look for a job or the companies that look for the right staff members?” The economist would say that this is a question of actual labor market. For me this contents also a totally different component.

This question is like the change of point of view. Of course economists are right on the first view and the candidates are applying for a job. But on the other hand it is about finding the right person for the companies. This starts with a clear definition of the requirements for the job in the advertisement and leads through the selection of the suitable person over to the introduction program up to continuous further development of staff. If ones get aware about this, the point is not to just hire somebody for doing a job. It is an energetic question. If the energy in a team is focused in one direction this team will be unbeatable. John F. Kennedy once said: “If we agree there is a few we cannot achieve, if we do not agree, there is few we can achieve!”

Would you like to learn more about how to focus the energy in your teams in the same direction? Just contact me, it will be a pleasure to support you in this.

even the cows are happy :-)

even the cows are happy :-)

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Specialist or Generalist?


Often in business experts are asked to clarify specific questions. Typically these are specialists for a defined subject. I myself cover a wide area, but I am nowhere really the specialist. Therefore it is not astonishing that sometimes I hear the question how I could know enough about all that.

Of course I cannot know everything. But by my very nature I am a generalist. This means that I know nothing from everything, while a specialist knows everything from nothing 🙂. For me it is no question whether the specialist or the generalist is better. It is about who is employed for what. A generalist is relying on specialists. I also have a big network of very competent experts. I can employ them as soon as I realise that I have not enough expertise for a specific question. Thus I can offer most of the projects from a single source and focus myself on the strategy, the efficient flow of the project and co-ordinate the links between the experts.

Summarizing for me there is not a question whether specialist or generalist but how they co-operate best!


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Thank You Darling

Today it is exactly 30 years ago that my wife Reny and I said yes to each other and got married. And we are still together. For me this is not self-evident and also statistically we shall be clearly over the average. I am very grateful for this and am totally aware that this is a great work which both of us did all the time to circumnavigate the daily stumbling blocks and finding together again also after critical experiences.

Thanks dear Reny – I am looking forward to the next 30 years 🙂 !

Reny and me :-)

Reny and me :-)

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Little Things

Recently I could spend a night at Hotel Schweizerhof in Lenzerheide, Switzerland. I know the host couple since years but it was the first time I stayed overnight. Therefore I was not in the customer file. Furthermore a business partner of mine made the booking. Nevertheless I found on my room a hand written welcome card with a personal salutation.

It are these attentiveness’s that make the difference. The hosts studied the arrival list and recognizes my name. All the rest theoretically is a small thing. And yet it makes the difference to think at it and that the host wrote the card personally. If you are willing to offer your guests an experience as much satisfying as possible, hospitality is easy. Taking into consideration that this was just one of the positive experiences I had, it is not surprising that Hotel Schweizerhof is successful.

Would you enjoy this experience as well? Book directly on www.schweizerhof-lenzerheide.ch !

Schweizerhof Lenzerheide

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HR Management

Sir Richard Branson, the British entrepreneur and balloonist said once „Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to“. This is kind of human resource management philosophy in a nutshell and it is so true.

It also represents the Taoist principle of balance between giving and taking: first you train your staff well enough that they could leave. This is not only an advantage for your staff but also for your company as well trained staff raises the service quality of your company. And if you treat them in a way that they do not leave you get the best out of your training investment and are able to further develop the quality of your company.

As a specialist for training concepts and well experienced in many educational systems all over the world I can easily support you in setting-up your specific training. Just call me!


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Slap oder Pet

“You cannot beat anything into a dog but pet a lot out of it” is a quotation of the famous Swedish children’s author Astrid Lindgren. This statement is not only true for dogs but also in human resource management.

Many managers still think work according to the rule that all is ok as long as they do not criticize. That would be the beating part of the quotation above, which does not really work according to my experience, as your staff will just focus on not getting criticism. This leads to a strategy of avoidance. Much better is the caress strategy which praises good performance. Thus your staff is encouraged in its strengths, is motivated and will develop creatively.

If you need by the way support in dog training, this is the business of my wife and you learn more at www.footstep.ch.

Shayan and Reny

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