Boss vs Leader

Recently I have seen a slide on one of the social media channels that compared attributes of a boss with those of a leader (unfurtunately without source). This may Sound strange but I think there are differences:
While a boss drives his staff and depends on authority which inspires fear, a leader acts as coach for his staff and works on an enthusiastic and motivating working climate. A boss says „I“ while the leader uses the pronom „we“. The boss identifies who made a mistake while a leader tends to avoid them in future. A boss always knows how it is done, while a leader asks for good solutions.
According to my personal experience there are many bosses but only few real leaders, even more nowadays more leadership would be asked. In times where qualified staff members are not easy to find, it is important to work for a motivating working climate. Various studies show, that staff members intend to focus on this by chosing their workplace
Beat R. Wicki
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New Garden in Spring

Spring is the time when nature wakes up from winter rigid and starts growing full of power. A marvelous period full of blossoms and creativity. Isn’t this the ideal time to provide a new design for your garden? Heinz Bolliger, I friend of mine, uses since many years with his natural talent and professionalism the positive energies of Feng Shui in garden design. Recently he opened his own website. I like to share this with you:

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Albert Einstein, the genius scientist once said: „Not everything that counts can be counted. Not everything that is counted, truly counts.“ A real wise word from one of the most significant physicians of science history. For me it is extremely exciting that this saying is coming from a leading scientist.

During my career, I also concluded, that not everything could be explained with common methods. A lot of important aspects we can not – or not not yet – mesure and prove. Nevertheless I myself often made the experience, that wisdom of Feng Shui, chineses astrology or taostic face reading are reality. Lots of satisfied customers can confirm the effectiveness of this thousands of years old „sciences“.

Does this also sound interesting to you? Call me for a consultation – I love to support.

Beat R. Wicki, Entrepreneur Swiss Hospitality Academy

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Preparing Professionals in a Changing World

Your managerial career path brings you new levels of responsibility and complexity. You must be able to lead multiple functions or businesses. The BHMS Executive Diploma Program brings you the confidence and influence to lead and manage successfully, at a personal and business level. With eight different specializations to chose from, you will be able to acquire managerial and technical skills to effectively lead business organizations in global environments.

We will start Module 3 Finance in July and Module 1 Entrepreneurship in August.

You can find full information at B.H.M.S.-Website.

I am looking forward to welcome you on our campus soon 🙂

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Seasons Greetings

I wish to all merry Christmas, a happy move into 2018 and success, luck and health in the new year!

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Do not fret

Recently I have seen the following quotation from Marc Aurel: “It is silly to be angry with the world. The world does not care”. The roman emperor and philosopher was so true with this, already two thousand years ago.

Especially in management I think, there is no reason to be angry about given facts. The challenge in management is to provide maximal performance within the given framework. In this way, liberties are used and no energy is wasted in things that cannot be changed.

Enjoy to try this positive point of view.

Beat R. Wicki, Entrepreneur

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Henry Ford is rumored having said the following quotation: “I check every offer. It could be the offer of my life”. I took that serious and got a great offer:

I am looking forward to take over the position of director of B.H.M.S Business & Hotel Management School in Lucerne. With that I am going back into operational management of an educational institution. B.H.M.S. is one of the leading Swiss schools for hospitality and business management and offers programs with Bachelor and Master Degrees. B.H.M.S. has more than 1’000 students from more than 65 nationalities. More information you can find under

I am pleased to the new challenge. All active customers from Swiss Hospitality Academy are informed about the way how the projects will be continued. For new projects we are still open minded.

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Treffpunkt Erfolg


Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a day among likeminded people and get inspired by outstanding speakers? You just have to block Friday, 17th November 2017 in your calendar.

Wendelin Niederberger’s Success Academy provides on this date in Mövenpick Hotel Egerningen, Switzerland the 17th “Meeting Point Success”. Speakers like Peter Kleylein, Fabian Scheidler, Brigitte and Christian Hoefliger – von Siebenthal, Sina Trinkwalder or Heini Staudinger will talk about their experiences and will inspire you practical. The event is hold in German language.

For me this is every year a fixed date in my calendar. I would enjoy to meet you there as well. More derails and application information will be found here. Hope to see you soon in Egerkingen.


A couple of weeks ago I was on business trips for quite a time and stayed in various hotels. Even if I change the hotel daily I enjoy this, as I can learn a lot about hospitality industry in just observing. But there is an unsolved problem that lasts now since years: What can I do with my suitcase?

Of course most of the hotels have a suitcase stand on which you can put your suitcase. But most of them seem to come from ancient times. In these days you had the classical suitcase to but your clothes and close the cover. But, actual suitcase have two pockets. That means you have to unfold them fully to get access to your clothes. This is not possible on a classical suitcase stand. What to do: put the suitcase on the bed and take the risk to dirty the linen with its rolls.

Do somebody has a good solution for this? I am very interested and will love to promote good solutions on this place. Just send them directly to me!

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Good – not only for you

[de]Diesmal möchte ich Ihnen eine tolle Aktion vorstellen: Sie können für ein Tierheim spenden und gleichzeitig für sich selber etwas Gutes tun:

1. wählen Sie einen Tag im Oktober aus, an dem Sie Ihre Aktion durchführen möchten.

2. Suchen Sie auf einen Hund aus für den Sie laufen möchten

3. Legen Sie einen Betrag fest, den Sie pro Schritt spenden möchten

4. Absolvieren Sie Ihr Tagespensum und stellen Sie am Abend fest, wieviele Schritte Sie gemacht haben (kann man auf vielen Handys ablesen oder mit einem Schrittzähler messen). Wenn Sie sich besonders viel bewegen an diesem Tag ist das nicht bloss für Ihre Gesundheit gut sondern auch für das dogshome J.

5. Schritte mit dem Betrag multiplizieren und den Totalbetrag an diefoundation for happy dogs and people überweisen (Kontodetails finden Sie auf der Website).

Vielen Dank für Ihr Engagement![/de!]

This time I would like to suggest you a great action: you can support a dogshome and do a good thing for yourself:

1. Chose one day in October for your personal action.

2. Look for a dog you would like to support on the website:

3. Decide about your donation per step.

4. Provide your regular activities per day (you can check that with most cell phones or a step counter). If you move more than usual this day this is not only good for your health but also for the dogshome J.

5. Multiply your steps with the amount per step and transfer the total sum to the foundation for happy dogs and people (account details see website).

Thanks a lot for your engagement!

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