The traditional Chinese Astrology is interpreted by me with a taoistic philosophy. You can Profit by the wisdom of milleniums, scientific basics and intuitive Interpretation. The precision of Chinese Astrology is fascinating. It is based on a year, month, day and hour column with one of five elements in a yin and yang quality each and one of twelve earth signs. So more than 200 million Options are possible.

With the help of Chinese Astrology you can

  • understand yourself and others much better and look for optimal problems for arising problems.
  • realise challenging and supporting periods in one’s own life and plan optimal the own life, career and business activities.
  • find an optiomal time for essential actitivities like company foundations, singing contracts, moving, construction of a house, marriage, etc.

Price Frame:

  • Calculation of a Date
    – simple personal dates CHF 300
    – moving date CHF 400
    – Company foundation CHF 600
    – marriage CHF 800
  • Analysis of Personality with comprehensive astrologic calculation and pointing out of personal strength and development potentials, CHF 1’200
  • Partnership Analysis with pointing out of potentials and herewith strenthtening of opposite understanding including joint live planning, CHF 900 per person
  • Family Analysis with Demonstration of potentials and strengths of the whole Family and especially your children, CHF 900 per Person, CHF 400 per child
  • Life Plan Analysis with detailed personal profile, individual potential analysis and  coaching for planning of ones career and life, CHF 1’800
  • Business Analysis with team analysis and design, identification of potentials, recommendations for optimal dates and long term planning, depending on size and complexity of the questions, from CHF 3’800

These prices are without VAT and travel expenses.

Please contact us right sway for any further questions or an offer!


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