Boss vs Leader

Recently I have seen a slide on one of the social media channels that compared attributes of a boss with those of a leader (unfurtunately without source). This may Sound strange but I think there are differences:
While a boss drives his staff and depends on authority which inspires fear, a leader acts as coach for his staff and works on an enthusiastic and motivating working climate. A boss says „I“ while the leader uses the pronom „we“. The boss identifies who made a mistake while a leader tends to avoid them in future. A boss always knows how it is done, while a leader asks for good solutions.
According to my personal experience there are many bosses but only few real leaders, even more nowadays more leadership would be asked. In times where qualified staff members are not easy to find, it is important to work for a motivating working climate. Various studies show, that staff members intend to focus on this by chosing their workplace
Beat R. Wicki