Leaving Comfort Zone

Customer feedback: „When I got to know Angela Heck, I was delighted by her direct, sympathetic and extremely authentic appearance. I wanted to know more of her work and booked her for a coaching. After the first meeting, I knew that I could develop myself and my company with her support. I was ready to leave my comfort zone, learn to look, and see where there is a need for action. Her versatility, her sensitivity and her ability to “get to the point“ have always amazed me. Changes mean effort. I know, however, that this is worthwhile and I have the right coach at my side. »

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Angela Portrait

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Past – Future – Presence

Recently, I read the following quotation on a decoration object «Do not chase the past and do not get lost in future. The past has gone. The future had not come yet. Life is here and now». My research has shown that this quotation goes back to Buddha.

In my opinion, the quotation brings a lot crucial management knowledge to the point. Often the past is analysed in detail and the present is forgotten thereat. Significantly, the focus in the past is often placed on errors and positive experiences or even praise are neglected. However, it is important to recognize errors and to analyse the reason. Nevertheless, there should not be a focus on who made the mistake but how this can be avoided in future. If something went well in past, also a manager is allowed to praise :-).

Focussing on future today’s management theories describe with vision, strategy and planning. Definitively this is important as it contains planning and focussing of the company. This sets the course in future. However, it is crucial to be aware that the real business is done in present. This includes the atmosphere in the team and the whole company. A good atmosphere motivates all employees to give their very best and sometimes even grow beyond themselves, which is also felt by customers and creates a positive surprise.

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Beat R. Wicki

Young Talents

From today we are on the road in Hugary, Slovakia and Czeck Republic to look for jung and motivated talents for our partner company in next winter season. For quick determined there is always an option: we are recruiting on Wednesday 13.9.17 in Békéscaba HU, on Thursday 14.9.17 in Zvolen SK and on Saturday 16.9.17 in Poděprady CZ. If you are interested, you still can register on our website.

We look forward to meet you!!

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Digitization is a big slogan nowadays both in the professional and private sector. More and more areas are covered by it. On the one hand this makes us more transparent as human beings as many of our data are stored somewhere. On the other hand, this is a big chance for doing routine work easier and support one’s daily life.

When I get into the bathroom in the morning and stand on the scales, my actual weight is automatically transferred to my mobile phone and later while shaving I can watch the graphic of the development of my weight in the past days or months. Do not worry, this is not the time for calorie counting or even slimming. I do enjoy too much good food and am a passionate hobby chef J. Rather, I would like to show with this example how one can deal with digitization. Certainly, I am interested in new technologies and sometimes even fascinated by them. However, I try to use them as much as possible to simplify my life. For example, I consistently manage my calendar electronically so that I can see my next appointment discreetly on my Apple Watch.

For me there is no question whether I want to engage in digitization, but how I handle it to use the new technologies to my advantage to simplify my life. With this I manage to have more time for the essential.


On a morning walk our dogs recently inspired me to this blog: It was raining during the night und our path was still wet. Therefore, there were a lot of snails on it. For me as two-legged it was quite a challenge, to avoid crushing a snail. But it was fascinating to observe that the dogs with four legs avoided even to touch one of the snails. They all went their way absolutely mindful.

What does this observation has in common with a management blog? I think quite a lot, as managers should behave also mindful in their environment. Only if you are not ruthless and are aware about your environment, you can expect consideration and respect, even if you must take decisions that ore not popular. Some time ago I got used answer the following questions before the launch of changes: 1. What are the employees doing today? 2. How are they doing these tasks? 3. Why are the solving their tasks in this way? With this I made sure, that I am not only making decisions from bird’s-eye view, but included those people, that are affected by the decisionOf course, those questions don’t take me the decision. I do want to make decisions for what I am responsible. With this method, I included concerned people, presupposed that they are doing a good job and know any concern. Do you are interested to learn more about this? Just contact me now!



«Life is not a rehearsal» is a quote from Hermann Scherer, the well-known bestseller author and speaker. With his provocative style, once again he hits the nail on the head.

I am also convinced that it makes no sense to see life as a rehearsal and wait for it or even practice, until it finally really begins. Rather, our life takes place daily. We cannot rehearse for what we will expect tomorrow. Instead I suggest that we face the daily challenges and make the best out of every situation. Personally, I have a simple recipe for this: if something in not working as I expected, I consider this as a learning experience and try to do it better next time. In this way, every failure is an experience that brings us further. This is not opportunism, but the acceptance of the fact that we can never change the past. The only we can do is to learn from it and failures become immediately beneficial.

Have fun at today’s learning lessons!

Beat R. Wicki

Mental Reservations

Former South African President and nobel laureate for peace Nelson Mandela once said: “Carrying reservations in oneself is like drinking poison and waiting for the other to die from it”. Once more he proofed his huge wisdom and life experience which finally mainly supported the change of rainbow nation from apartheid system to this century.
Basically, I always try to go through my life with openness and therefore show as few reservations as possible. But I am also just a human being and I succeed not all the time. Therefore, this quotation of Nelson Mandela helps me coming back and to realize that mental reservations have nothing to do with reality and are just inside me. So, I try to lay them down as soon as possible.
I wish you a lot of fun to try this as well.

Inner Middle

Today I am on Älggialp with some friends of mine. This is the geographic center of Switzerland and therefore a reason to think about the own middle.

One of the biggest challenges today is the enormous information overload and the related hustle and bustle. Years ago, there was time to think about decisions, but nowadays they are expected immediate – or online. Exactly this is maybe the biggest challenge for managers. One is online 24/7 and conceives of customers expect an immediate answer. In this moments stability and rest is asked to resist. Of course, it is part of business behavior for example to answer an E-Mail within 24 hours. But it must not be always the final answer. Sometimes it can be a feedback that you need more time to answer and the information about the scheduled final answer.

To react in this was a manager needs to have his inner balance. He needs to know his own middle and we are back on the topic. If you know your middle, you can balance yourself and get automatically a compensation to the hustle and bustle in business daily life. Options to find the own middle are the fantastic wisdoms of Taoist face reading or Chinese astrology. Would you furthermore like to create a supporting environment, basics of Feng Shui are perfect. Would you like to get support in these areas, just contact me! I have not only wide experience but also sound education in all these topics.

Well Done!

The stagiaires summer program 2017 could be finished successfully. Last Saturday 34 motivated young talents moved from Lucerne to their internship in Switzerland. The same evening the first ones started to work.

My whole team had a lot of pleasure to support our future colleagues on this step of their career. I wish all of my students especially pleasure and perseverance.

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Knowledge – Wissen

Platon, an ancient Greek philosopher was a student of Socrates and lived from 428 to 348 B.C. He dealt with knowledge and established the famous saying “I know that I know nothing”, which I heard recently again. This sentence inspired me to the following blog.

You can interpret this quotation in the way of Platon. Otherwise you also can use it as life philosophy. For me this fits perfectly. Because if I know that I know nothing, I am open minded to further development and open to ongoing learning. Life consists of making new experiences and learning out of them. Therefore, education fascinates me. To offer young people an optimal start in their business life is fascinating.

May I also support you with your educational projects? Contact me just now!

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