A couple of weeks ago I was on business trips for quite a time and stayed in various hotels. Even if I change the hotel daily I enjoy this, as I can learn a lot about hospitality industry in just observing. But there is an unsolved problem that lasts now since years: What can I do with my suitcase?

Of course most of the hotels have a suitcase stand on which you can put your suitcase. But most of them seem to come from ancient times. In these days you had the classical suitcase to but your clothes and close the cover. But, actual suitcase have two pockets. That means you have to unfold them fully to get access to your clothes. This is not possible on a classical suitcase stand. What to do: put the suitcase on the bed and take the risk to dirty the linen with its rolls.

Do somebody has a good solution for this? I am very interested and will love to promote good solutions on this place. Just send them directly to me!