On a morning walk our dogs recently inspired me to this blog: It was raining during the night und our path was still wet. Therefore, there were a lot of snails on it. For me as two-legged it was quite a challenge, to avoid crushing a snail. But it was fascinating to observe that the dogs with four legs avoided even to touch one of the snails. They all went their way absolutely mindful.

What does this observation has in common with a management blog? I think quite a lot, as managers should behave also mindful in their environment. Only if you are not ruthless and are aware about your environment, you can expect consideration and respect, even if you must take decisions that ore not popular. Some time ago I got used answer the following questions before the launch of changes: 1. What are the employees doing today? 2. How are they doing these tasks? 3. Why are the solving their tasks in this way? With this I made sure, that I am not only making decisions from bird’s-eye view, but included those people, that are affected by the decisionOf course, those questions don’t take me the decision. I do want to make decisions for what I am responsible. With this method, I included concerned people, presupposed that they are doing a good job and know any concern. Do you are interested to learn more about this? Just contact me now!