Recently I read that British bureaucracy researcher Northcote Parkinson discovered that workload is expanding exactly in the same amount as time is available to settle it. Of course we all think on public administration with this, e.g. filling in one’s tax declaration.

But maybe we shoot on the wrong ones. Shouldn’t we clear first in front of our own door and maybe focus also hotel groups or other big companies? I know a lot of hotel managers that have no time to take care of their guests as they are totally busy with reporting to the headquarter. They create new jobs like Guest Relations Managers to take over this core activity. Are the times really gone in which the director knows and welcomes his guests in person?

I herewith appeal to all hoteliers to focus again on the name of their core-business: hospitality. This shall be the core values of daily work of a hotel director, nevertheless whether he is called CEO or General Manager.

Did I overemphasise? A former CEO is waiting for your reactions on this :-)!