Digitization is a big slogan nowadays both in the professional and private sector. More and more areas are covered by it. On the one hand this makes us more transparent as human beings as many of our data are stored somewhere. On the other hand, this is a big chance for doing routine work easier and support one’s daily life.

When I get into the bathroom in the morning and stand on the scales, my actual weight is automatically transferred to my mobile phone and later while shaving I can watch the graphic of the development of my weight in the past days or months. Do not worry, this is not the time for calorie counting or even slimming. I do enjoy too much good food and am a passionate hobby chef J. Rather, I would like to show with this example how one can deal with digitization. Certainly, I am interested in new technologies and sometimes even fascinated by them. However, I try to use them as much as possible to simplify my life. For example, I consistently manage my calendar electronically so that I can see my next appointment discreetly on my Apple Watch.

For me there is no question whether I want to engage in digitization, but how I handle it to use the new technologies to my advantage to simplify my life. With this I manage to have more time for the essential.