«Life is not a rehearsal» is a quote from Hermann Scherer, the well-known bestseller author and speaker. With his provocative style, once again he hits the nail on the head.

I am also convinced that it makes no sense to see life as a rehearsal and wait for it or even practice, until it finally really begins. Rather, our life takes place daily. We cannot rehearse for what we will expect tomorrow. Instead I suggest that we face the daily challenges and make the best out of every situation. Personally, I have a simple recipe for this: if something in not working as I expected, I consider this as a learning experience and try to do it better next time. In this way, every failure is an experience that brings us further. This is not opportunism, but the acceptance of the fact that we can never change the past. The only we can do is to learn from it and failures become immediately beneficial.

Have fun at today’s learning lessons!

Beat R. Wicki