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Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a day among likeminded people and get inspired by outstanding speakers? You just have to block Friday, 17th November 2017 in your calendar.

Wendelin Niederberger’s Success Academy provides on this date in Mövenpick Hotel Egerningen, Switzerland the 17th “Meeting Point Success”. Speakers like Peter Kleylein, Fabian Scheidler, Brigitte and Christian Hoefliger – von Siebenthal, Sina Trinkwalder or Heini Staudinger will talk about their experiences and will inspire you practical. The event is hold in German language.

For me this is every year a fixed date in my calendar. I would enjoy to meet you there as well. More derails and application information will be found here. Hope to see you soon in Egerkingen.

Past – Future – Presence

Recently, I read the following quotation on a decoration object «Do not chase the past and do not get lost in future. The past has gone. The future had not come yet. Life is here and now». My research has shown that this quotation goes back to Buddha.

In my opinion, the quotation brings a lot crucial management knowledge to the point. Often the past is analysed in detail and the present is forgotten thereat. Significantly, the focus in the past is often placed on errors and positive experiences or even praise are neglected. However, it is important to recognize errors and to analyse the reason. Nevertheless, there should not be a focus on who made the mistake but how this can be avoided in future. If something went well in past, also a manager is allowed to praise :-).

Focussing on future today’s management theories describe with vision, strategy and planning. Definitively this is important as it contains planning and focussing of the company. This sets the course in future. However, it is crucial to be aware that the real business is done in present. This includes the atmosphere in the team and the whole company. A good atmosphere motivates all employees to give their very best and sometimes even grow beyond themselves, which is also felt by customers and creates a positive surprise.

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Beat R. Wicki


On a morning walk our dogs recently inspired me to this blog: It was raining during the night und our path was still wet. Therefore, there were a lot of snails on it. For me as two-legged it was quite a challenge, to avoid crushing a snail. But it was fascinating to observe that the dogs with four legs avoided even to touch one of the snails. They all went their way absolutely mindful.

What does this observation has in common with a management blog? I think quite a lot, as managers should behave also mindful in their environment. Only if you are not ruthless and are aware about your environment, you can expect consideration and respect, even if you must take decisions that ore not popular. Some time ago I got used answer the following questions before the launch of changes: 1. What are the employees doing today? 2. How are they doing these tasks? 3. Why are the solving their tasks in this way? With this I made sure, that I am not only making decisions from bird’s-eye view, but included those people, that are affected by the decisionOf course, those questions don’t take me the decision. I do want to make decisions for what I am responsible. With this method, I included concerned people, presupposed that they are doing a good job and know any concern. Do you are interested to learn more about this? Just contact me now!


Mental Reservations

Former South African President and nobel laureate for peace Nelson Mandela once said: “Carrying reservations in oneself is like drinking poison and waiting for the other to die from it”. Once more he proofed his huge wisdom and life experience which finally mainly supported the change of rainbow nation from apartheid system to this century.
Basically, I always try to go through my life with openness and therefore show as few reservations as possible. But I am also just a human being and I succeed not all the time. Therefore, this quotation of Nelson Mandela helps me coming back and to realize that mental reservations have nothing to do with reality and are just inside me. So, I try to lay them down as soon as possible.
I wish you a lot of fun to try this as well.


Recently I heard in an interview the following sentence: A leader must make decisions and the one who decides cannot please everybody. Unfortunately, I could not get the name of the manager who said this. According to my experience this sentence comprehends essential challenges of a manager totally suitable.

I think, one of the main tasks of a manager is to make decisions. If he understands his job right, he must not make his decisions alone. A manger normally has a team of experts who provide him essential facts for his decisions. Finally it is important that the manager makes his decision from another perspective and includes all facts. The experts mostly just see one or a few aspects and cannot include all aspects.

The autocratic management style, in which a patron just decides is not appreciated nowadays. Today’s managers try to include their experts and let them participate. Nevertheless, at the end the manager decides alone as he has the responsibility. Therefore, it is logical that not all will agree with decisions, respectively they would have made them different from their perspective. To me it seems important to communicate decisions including the considerations made and make sure that staff members do not see them as personal losses.

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Beat R. Wicki

Little Things

Recently I read in social media the following: “A smile, a wave, a huge, a word – it’s the smallest things that often make the biggest difference”.

This fits exactly with my philosophy. Even in management it is at the end of the day not the big concepts, the strategies or mission statements. It is all about acting in the right moment in the right way. And in these situations a small wave or a smile can melt icebergs. Did you already give away a smile today? If not, do it immediately and don’t put it on your to-do-list. This is important!

Especially in hospitality industry this consciousness is existentially. If your staff do not have this flair or are not allowed to show it, something essential is missing: the hospitality! Do you need tips or further ideas? Just contact me – it is a pleasure to me supporting you!

Beat R. Wicki, Entrepreneur Swiss Hospitality Academy


“Helping somebody does not mean to neglect yourself” is a quotation of Maprussi. The Maprussi is a tribe in the western African countries Ghana and Togo. It is obvious that they still have an immense knowledge of original wisdom, because I think the saying is quite exciting. Indeed, it is easy to transfer into management.

The relationship between employees and supervisor is ultimately a mutual help: The company “helps” the employees with a salary as compensation for their labor. With their expertise and their time, employees help the company to achieve their goals. Thus, everyone helps each other in an employment relationship. The core of the proverb is probably what is nowadays known as a healthy “work-life-balance”. Only a balance of giving and taking is sustainable and promising. Therefore the appreciative and fair treatment of employees should be self-evident and leads to long-term stable success.

Do you want to hear more about this topic? Shall I share my personal experience in this with you? Just contact me!

Beat R. Wicki

Beat R. Wicki



Recently I read the following saying from Hermann Scherer: The belief in the impossibility protect the mountains from being displaced. Exciting – isn’t it? The old Chinese and Egyptians proofed already centuries ago that mountains can be displaced!

Very often we let ourselves be guided in daily business by the known rules and do not even think on taking a view over the fence? Before making up my mind in my consultancy projects, I always ask “why” a process is provided in the specific way. If the answer is “we have always done this” it is appropriate to ask the question whether we should do this also in future in the same way or whether it could be worth displacing a small mountain and thus find a more efficient way.

Would you like to displace mountains together with me? I am with you – just give me a call!



Recently I read that British bureaucracy researcher Northcote Parkinson discovered that workload is expanding exactly in the same amount as time is available to settle it. Of course we all think on public administration with this, e.g. filling in one’s tax declaration.

But maybe we shoot on the wrong ones. Shouldn’t we clear first in front of our own door and maybe focus also hotel groups or other big companies? I know a lot of hotel managers that have no time to take care of their guests as they are totally busy with reporting to the headquarter. They create new jobs like Guest Relations Managers to take over this core activity. Are the times really gone in which the director knows and welcomes his guests in person?

I herewith appeal to all hoteliers to focus again on the name of their core-business: hospitality. This shall be the core values of daily work of a hotel director, nevertheless whether he is called CEO or General Manager.

Did I overemphasise? A former CEO is waiting for your reactions on this :-)!

Management by …

Management by helicopter – fly, cause a stir and escape before there is a clear view.

Management by champignon – keep the staff in the dark, sprinke with manure from time to time and cut it immediately if you see the head of a bright guy.

Management by babysitter – get active where somebody crys loudest.

Or do you like it a bit more serious as management by objectives, management by decision, management by delegation, management by projects or management by results ….

All these concepts (at least the second group) are serious methods and have something right in itselfs. It are good methodes and have their eligibility if they are used for what they have been developed. And all of these methods have the same problem: they are only useful in a very limited area and are not comprehensive management concepts. They do not or too less consider one important element: the human beeings. Even today a lot of tasks can be provided automatically, it is always human beeings who provide the essence of a service. A hotel can be as luxuriously as you want and be built according to newest knowledge, if you get welcomed in an unfriedly way all the fascination is gone.

Therefore a good management shall center its staff members with all their strength. All staff members should have the chance to develop their potentials. On the one hand they must be at the right position within the company and on the other hand the energy of all the team members as well as those between the people must be positive.

If this sounds interesting to you, we would like to tell you more about this fascinating field of action.