Past – Future – Presence

Recently, I read the following quotation on a decoration object «Do not chase the past and do not get lost in future. The past has gone. The future had not come yet. Life is here and now». My research has shown that this quotation goes back to Buddha.

In my opinion, the quotation brings a lot crucial management knowledge to the point. Often the past is analysed in detail and the present is forgotten thereat. Significantly, the focus in the past is often placed on errors and positive experiences or even praise are neglected. However, it is important to recognize errors and to analyse the reason. Nevertheless, there should not be a focus on who made the mistake but how this can be avoided in future. If something went well in past, also a manager is allowed to praise :-).

Focussing on future today’s management theories describe with vision, strategy and planning. Definitively this is important as it contains planning and focussing of the company. This sets the course in future. However, it is crucial to be aware that the real business is done in present. This includes the atmosphere in the team and the whole company. A good atmosphere motivates all employees to give their very best and sometimes even grow beyond themselves, which is also felt by customers and creates a positive surprise.

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Beat R. Wicki



Recently I read the following saying from Hermann Scherer: The belief in the impossibility protect the mountains from being displaced. Exciting – isn’t it? The old Chinese and Egyptians proofed already centuries ago that mountains can be displaced!

Very often we let ourselves be guided in daily business by the known rules and do not even think on taking a view over the fence? Before making up my mind in my consultancy projects, I always ask “why” a process is provided in the specific way. If the answer is “we have always done this” it is appropriate to ask the question whether we should do this also in future in the same way or whether it could be worth displacing a small mountain and thus find a more efficient way.

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One often hears of fascinating motivation trainers who help one to go through life with fresh enthusiasm. Right now, in the autumn, when the fog presses also on the mind, one might be tempted to visit such a motivation seminar. Does it really make sense?

I’ve often been accused by employees of being a good motivator and radiating a tremendous enthusiasm and positive energy. I often wondered why? Are these long-term consequences of motivational seminars, which I have visited years ago? Surely not! I am convinced that life energy and motivation must come from inside. I am convinced that a lot of my energy is created by the great joy I have in my work, the great feeling being able effectuate something. This inner motivation will also be contagious on your environment. If you manage to put together a team of people that want to work at this level, this is almost unbeatable.

Incidentally, motivational seminars act of course, because you come home excited and motivated. Only this motivation does not last because it does not come from inside and is therefore not sustainable. Such seminars are like a balloon being inflated and then gradually lose the air again; the longer the seminar is back.

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