Past – Future – Presence

Recently, I read the following quotation on a decoration object «Do not chase the past and do not get lost in future. The past has gone. The future had not come yet. Life is here and now». My research has shown that this quotation goes back to Buddha.

In my opinion, the quotation brings a lot crucial management knowledge to the point. Often the past is analysed in detail and the present is forgotten thereat. Significantly, the focus in the past is often placed on errors and positive experiences or even praise are neglected. However, it is important to recognize errors and to analyse the reason. Nevertheless, there should not be a focus on who made the mistake but how this can be avoided in future. If something went well in past, also a manager is allowed to praise :-).

Focussing on future today’s management theories describe with vision, strategy and planning. Definitively this is important as it contains planning and focussing of the company. This sets the course in future. However, it is crucial to be aware that the real business is done in present. This includes the atmosphere in the team and the whole company. A good atmosphere motivates all employees to give their very best and sometimes even grow beyond themselves, which is also felt by customers and creates a positive surprise.

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Beat R. Wicki