Inner Middle

Today I am on Älggialp with some friends of mine. This is the geographic center of Switzerland and therefore a reason to think about the own middle.

One of the biggest challenges today is the enormous information overload and the related hustle and bustle. Years ago, there was time to think about decisions, but nowadays they are expected immediate – or online. Exactly this is maybe the biggest challenge for managers. One is online 24/7 and conceives of customers expect an immediate answer. In this moments stability and rest is asked to resist. Of course, it is part of business behavior for example to answer an E-Mail within 24 hours. But it must not be always the final answer. Sometimes it can be a feedback that you need more time to answer and the information about the scheduled final answer.

To react in this was a manager needs to have his inner balance. He needs to know his own middle and we are back on the topic. If you know your middle, you can balance yourself and get automatically a compensation to the hustle and bustle in business daily life. Options to find the own middle are the fantastic wisdoms of Taoist face reading or Chinese astrology. Would you furthermore like to create a supporting environment, basics of Feng Shui are perfect. Would you like to get support in these areas, just contact me! I have not only wide experience but also sound education in all these topics.