Fulfilled with grateful humility for what have been achieved so far I follow daily my personal vision with great passion:

I inspire people and their companies for their destiny.

Therefore me and my team are guided by the following guidelines:

Out dealing with customers and partners is characterized by esteem, reliability and the pleasure of a good product. The honest desire to offer our customers high-quality services for a reasonable price is a sign for our genuine hospitality.

Our products are based on competent, pragmatical and effective services of high quality.

With all our activities we seek for high efficiency by focussing on most effective projects.

Profit from lot of expertise in the following areas:

Hotel Concepts

Strategic Direction
Business Plan

Educational Concepts

School Development
Program Development


Feng Shui
Chinese Astrolog
Taoist Face Reading

Swiss Hospitality Academy Blog

natural authority 06 Jun 2023 Natural Authority While talking about management, the skill authority is mentioned. There are even specialised trainings to develop one’s authority. Is this necessary or useful? Often good observing brings one’s lot further:... read more
little effort - big 16 May 2023 Little Effort – great Effect My wife and me are sitting quite often on our terrace in the evenings and enjoy – mostly with a glass of Blaauwklippen wine – the sunset. On the one... read more
Vorausdenken ist eine wichtige Eigenschaft von Führungspersonen. Saisonende ist Saisonstart 25 Apr 2023 Season’s end is Season’s Start For many hotels these days marked the end of the winter season, which ends up in Switzerland typically after Easter break. A lot of tasks have to be completed at... read more
Instead of conventional room numers, a different layout can make the difference. 11 Apr 2023 Room numbers refreshingly different On my recent promotion tour for our stagiaires-program i stayed in a local four-star-hotel in Most, CZ. Already on my way to the room I was fascinated by the corridors.... read more


I would like to get informed regularly about news from Swiss Hospitality Academy.

I am especially interested in the following topics:

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