2024 – Yang-Wood Dragon

2024 - Yang-Wood Dragon

Today at 09:27 the year of Yang-Wood Dragon (2024) starts according to the traditional Chinese calendar. At this special occasion I wish to all my readers a year full of luck, love, health and the fulfillment of as much dreans and wishes as possible. In opposition to it’s Western meaning, in Chinese tradition the dragon is since ages the bigest symbol of luck. The dragon is also a symbol of power. This is the reason why the dragon was always the most important symbol of the imperal house. Thus, we are facing an interesting time.

A year of the dragon mostly is combined with changes, especially in the combination with the Yang power from wood in 2024. Thus, I espect for 2024 growth combined with new starts. This is mandatory combined with changes. Changes are for most people uncomfortable, as they have to leave the well-known. Or more direct you have to leave your comfort zone (even this is not perfect not easy for most people). Seen in a bigger perspective, the dragon proviceds alwayse changes in th epositive direction. We can be happy abou this. Therefore I suggest to look forward to the changes that will come.

Do you wish more information about taoistic wisdon, you can finde more on my Website. I calculated for all zodiac singns the quality of all days  in 2024. This can be used to individually plan your important activities with a positive support. You can get this in two levels of detail. Do not hesitate to contact me just now.

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