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Internship in Switzerland 07 Feb 2023 Gain experience in Switzerland? We are already intensively planning the next stagiaires course staring in June. We enable young, motivated professionals to have a unique experience in the Swiss hotel and restaurant industry. Would... read more
Erdzweig Hase 04 Feb 2023 What can I expect from the year of the rabbit? On February 4, 2023, at 2:43 a.m., according to the traditional astrological calendar in China, the Year of the Water-Rabbit begins. What does this mean for us? What can I... read more
Pins 24 Jan 2023 Dissatisfied Customer – Your Chance! As my stock was getting low, I recently ordered new pins for my company. My students in particular appreciate these as small souvenirs. Since my previous supplier is no longer... read more
Staff Shortage Hospitality Stagiaires-Program 10 Jan 2023 Staff Shortage in Hospitality – We are active! A shortage of qualified staff members for hospitality and gastronomy industry is obvious since several years also in Switzerland. The situation is not yet so dramatic as in some of... read more
24 Dec 2022 Merry Christmas We wish to all our readers a merry Christmas and all the luck, success combined with best health in the next year. We are looking forward to be available for... read more
Gehe Deinen Weg Follow your path 13 Dec 2022 Dream or Get Up Recently I read the following saying: Every morning you have the choice, whether you want continue with dreaming, or get up and realise your dreams. This gave me no peace for... read more
30 Nov 2022 Give-Aways from own Kitchen Christmas season is right ahead and once again the question is, what to offer to one’s customers as a gift. Of course, a good customer relation is not just dependent... read more
18 Oct 2022 Today’s Leadership Recently there was an article about Claudia Pronk the General Manager in Hotel Nira Alpina in Silvaplana, Switzerland in htr (the journal of Swiss Hotel Association). As I work with... read more
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