Creative Solultion to Shortage of Skilled Workers

Creative Solultion to Shortage of Skilled Workers

The 2024 summer course for our popular Stagiaires program begins this June. Founded around 30 years ago as a support project for Eastern Europe, it is now a creative solution to the shortage of skilled workers in hospitality and gastronomy industry. Would you also like to benefit from motivated young talents?

Education is not just our core business, but a matter close to our hearts. We can put all our passion and enthusiasm into it. There is almost no better job than being able to accompany young talents on their way to their professional careers. We are even more motivated when we can offer creative solutions to the shortage of skilled workers in the hotel and catering industry. The program is basically very simple:

  • Twice a year we travel to Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) and recruit young talents for the hotel and catering industry from our partner school
  • In a two-week crash course in Switzerland, we work on language and communication skills and teach the students Swiss standards in service and cuisine
  • After that they complete a three and a half month internship in a hotel or restaurant in Switzerland and gain professional experience

One of the key success factors for this program is the fact that we handle all administrative tasks for our partner companies in Switzerland, from acquisition, to registering for a work permit, to drawing up the work contract. The creative solution is also based on a long-standing relationship of trust that we have built up with our partners at home and abroad. The two-week preparatory course prepares students for the Swiss labor market, whose requirements in terms of work performance are generally much higher than in their home countries. The support we provide throughout the entire internship is also greatly appreciated – especially if problems arise.

Would you also like to benefit from this creative solution to the shortage of skilled workers? Further information can be found on our website or in the following article. Of course, we would also be pleased if you contact us directly.

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