Customers are my Friends

Customers are my Friends
Alumni treffen macht Spass

Right now I am on a promotion and recruitment tour for my Stagiaires program. Last week I could make a presentqation at the hotel academy in Brezno (Slowakia). When I looked at the audience of interested future students, I suddently thought that some faces look very familiar to me. After the presentation it turned out taht there were seven former students in the the audience. After the presentation they approached me and there very many hearty hugs. My customers are really my friends!

This might sound a bit corny and for me it is true that my customers are my friends. Actually, this has always been the case, because I have decided years ago to use my time only for projects I assessed as useful. There is the nice side effect that I enjoy them. If you only work on things that make you happy, it’s easy to see your customers as freinds. It feels as if you are on your way together in the same direction.

The older I get the more important it is for me, to deal with people who send out positive energy and with whom I can grow together. If I see my customers as my friends it is very easy to create a positive climate. Of course they still stay customers and profeessionality shall not suffer by the close relationship. But can you imagine something more satisfying than if your former students come to hug you after a presentation, just because their time in Switzerland was great? For me these kind of moments are much more satisfying than to send big invoices (I like this as well of course).

Would you like to get concrete ideas how to consider your customers as friends? Maybe you would like to question your strategy and like to get the outside view on this? Maybe you would like to learn more about you with an analysis of your personality? I am more than happy to support you in this. The easiest is to contact me directly by e-mail. I will come back to you immdiately and discuss the next steps and your profit out of it.

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