If customers recognize you

If customers recognize you
Wenn Dich Hotel-Mitarbeitende nach Jahren wieder erkennen

in his During my recent stay in The Westin Grand Cape Town all of a sudden a staff member followed me. When I turned round, he asked “Do you remember me, Mr. Wicki?”. Immediately, I remembered his face with his shining eyes – to be honest, I had to cheat a bit with the name (hotel staff luckily have a name tag). More than ten years ago, I set up an internal training program at this hotel and Sipho successfully completed the Arabella Supervisory Development Program. What does this mean if a customer still recognizes you after 10 years:

  • On the one hand this is surely a great staff member. Of course, we had intense contact during three months in these days and in the following years I often stayed in this hotel. But last time it has been at least more than eight years since my last visit. A hotel staff who can remember guests this long is a pearl for any company.
  • Later I heard from the General Manager that Sipho is in the hotel since the opening, which is 20 years ago now. You could think now, that after this time he should be further in his career than just in a supervisory position. However, I strongly disagree, because he has found his calling and can shine a new light on his guests every day and thus make them a little happier with every contact.
  • Last but not least, I am also a bit proud of the situation, as it shows me that the training, I set up together with the local managers must have been quite good. I don’t think you can get a better compliment for your work.

Would you like to get more information about hotel-internal training or the motivation of your staff members? The easiest is to contact me directly by e-mail or visit our website. I am looking forward to your contact.

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