Give-Aways from own Kitchen

Give-Aways from own Kitchen

Christmas season is right ahead and once again the question is, what to offer to one’s customers as a gift. Of course, a good customer relation is not just dependent on gifts and useless give-aways are counterproductive. A good optoin nowadays is to make a donation to a non-profit organisation instead of sending give-aways around the world. If you need suggestions for that, I can recommend the Dogshome in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland, a great organisation that supports animal welfare dog I support personally as active board member (Dogshome – Spendenformular (

If you still wish to present a nice give if more suitable for you, there is a simple idea you can realise in your own hotel: little delicacies produced in the own kitchen! Each hotel or restaurant kitchen has less busy times and with your  kitchen brigade you have a tremendous know-how available. A great chance for a customer gift. Why not produce local or international specialities and give them nicely wrapped to your guests at the depart? Or you send them with a respecitve letter. In any case this gives a sympathetic impression, is honest, special and will create a wow-effect for your guests and customers.

In my company we recently produced Bündner Röteli, a local speciality from the Grisons. We are looking forward to the wow-effects. Do you need ideas for your own give-away? Do you have questions on how to implement without any risk in food security (HACCP)? No problem – I am happy to support you. Just contact me – easiest by e-mail on

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