Dogs are Welcome

Dogs are Welcome

Recently we spent a couple of days in a Wellness hotel, where our Labrador lady Naima joined us. Of course we booked and paid a bit extra for her. In the room we found a nice bowl for food and water and a special door hanger that says that a dog is in the room.

I do not want to plead to accept dogs in all hotels. Even as a dog owner I think this decision has to be made by each hotel itself, as dogs can be a challenge in various points. But much more I would like to share great ideas, which I think would be great to copy for others. The difference between hotels is mostly not mainly the big investment or outstanding infrastructure, it is much more the little gestures like this door hanger or a smile by your staff in the right moment.

Hospitality is not only the hotel industry but mainly the attitude to make guests welcome. We try to celebrate this in our projects. Do you need more suggestions and ideas for your business? Do not hesitate to contact us. We like to share our experience with you.

PS the hotel was Krumers Alpin in Seefeld AU (

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