Dream or Get Up

Dream or Get Up

Recently I read the following saying: Every morning you have the choice, whether you want continue with dreaming, or get up and realise your dreams. This gave me no peace for a couple of days and finally motivated me to write this blog.

The saying represents a lot of my philosophy of life. It is not just about making plans and to dream. Much more it is essential, to realise the dreams (or plans). Only in realising effect can be created. This is finally the way I act in my projects. Of course it is essential to have an overall planning to start and assess whether the goal can be reached. Finally this is just the frame and gives the guidelines for the project. More important is to get effects.

Do you want to “get up” and realise your dreams instead continue with dreaming? You can find our project ideas at https://www.hospitality-academy.ch/en/hospitality and https://www.hospitality-academy.ch/en/education, If you want to develop your personality, I suggest https://www.hospitality-academy.ch/en/personality. We join you and wait for your message at info@hospitality-academy.ch

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