Little Effort – great Effect

Little Effort - great Effect
Kleiner Aufwand - grosse Wirkung

My wife and me are sitting quite often on our terrace in the evenings and enjoy – mostly with a glass of Blaauwklippen wine – the sunset. On the one hand as decoration and on the other hand as natural mosquito repellent we installed some teal torches. We especially enjoy the flickering light especially whan it gets dark. Unfortunately our torches have gotten a bit old and during one of the last storms also one of the lids got lost. Thus, I asked the manufacturer to buy a replacement. As our torches have been more than 10 years old the same type was not available any more. In a very friendly and extremely competent gudiance Bathasar (the manufacturer) suggested me a succeeder model and delivered immediately after ordering. They created with little effort a great effect:

  • The friendly answer on my request on their website ensured alread my decision to order there again. They did not just answerded me that the torches are not avialable any more but told me the date of the product end and suggested me alternatives. This is professional positive up-selling.
  • Just a few days after ordering a big parcel was in from of my door – a speed of delivery many big online shops could rub their eyes.
  • The package was topped by a friendlich letter – of course with reffers to other products. But the little card (see picture of the article) convinced me finally: it really says that Dora, who sigend by hand, packed this items lovingly especially for me. I do not know Dora but this is one of the best ideas I have ever seen to show the customer one’s appreciation.
  • Other cards refferred to social media and feedback options

This company creates with little effort finally a great effect. Apparently they still know the meaning of a customer. Even I made just a small order, I was personally approached and got the impression that they really enjoy to satisfy the needs of customers. Finally, this is not an additional effort, but just the intention to make things good – or better than others. This requires a manager, who sees the value for this and who is willing to develop respective concepts together with his team. 

Would you also like to get big effects with little efforts? We have many ideas for that. Do not hesitat to contact me just now – easiest by e-mail.


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