“Luck is if the mind is dancing, the heart is breathing and the eyes are loving”. No – this is not the claim of a motivation workshop. It is a quotation of Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955). The genious with the tousled hair was not only busy with his theory of relativity and other physical formula. That he thought about such topics shows on the one side his true size and on the other side the importance of the topic.

During last months I thought a lot about what really is luck nowadays. For me luck is if I can enjoy every day and experience something new. It is essential to me that I can pursue an occupation that fulfills me and gives me pleasure. Especially nowadays it is very important to a job not just to earn money. Fulfilment, apprecialten or meaningfulness in the job are essential aspects especially for gen y and z. Companies that live those values top-down every day, and not just write this in their mission statement, usually do not have problems to find good employees and to further develop their company togehter with them.

In the last years I could get many experiences in these areas and develop practical tools for it. Do you want me to share my experience in this with you? Just contact me directly. I love to share my expertise with you!

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