Today’s Leadership

Today's Leadership

Recently there was an article about Claudia Pronk the General Manager in Hotel Nira Alpina in Silvaplana, Switzerland in htr (the journal of Swiss Hotel Association). As I work with Claudia since years in my Stagiaires-Programme i read the interview immediately. Once more my approach got confirmed: the atmosphere in a company is mainly influenced by the positive attitude of the management.

Claudia makes several essential comments concerning her management style:

  • By appreciating her staff, she manages that many of them stay for more than one season, which is a benefit for both sides: “If I congratulate to my guests to their birthday, why cannot I do this for my staff as well” she said.
  • She also has demanding expectations on her staff, and gets involved sometimes even in details if she thinks this is important. But she also makes sure that positive feedback from the guests ends up with the staff. Furthermore, she tries to be a role model if ever possible.

Leadership can be very simple, if basic principles are implemented in a proper way. Does this sound interesting to you? We love to explain to you in a not binding meeting, which measures could be simply implemented in your company immediately.

Here you see the link to the whole interview in German:

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