Natural Authority

Natural Authority
Shayan und Naima

While talking about management, the skill authority is mentioned. There are even specialised trainings to develop one’s authority. Is this necessary or useful? Often good observing brings one’s lot further: if ever possible I go every morning for a short walk with our two labrador dogs. Sahay the black male is in the meantime nearly ten years old, Naima the foxred female is about seven years old. In the meantime these two are a well rehearshed team and they do not need any ranking. As usual with animals natural authority works automatically. Shayan is a bit bigger and surely stronger, while Naima is bustling and more active (if not to say volume up :-)). Shayan never ever played his physical superiority. He let her barking, if she wants, but is in the background ready for the case this would be necessary to get involved. If something doesn’t suit him (which is very rarely), it just needs a fleeting glance and the situation is cleared.

We can learn a lot from our animals, if we just observe correctly. Natural authority is not set up by demonstration of power. Much more security, calm and clarity in appearance mainly contribute to it. I personally hate managers who fire at least one person in the first few days to demonstrate their power. This has nothing in common with authority, but with uncertainty and typically leads to restlessness. In my opinion authoritiy cannot be learned in a workshop. Much more it is based on continuous further development of the personality and also inner calm and security. This is the way how natural authority arise.

As usual we have solutions for you: If you would you like to learn more about natural authority of dogs, I recommend the contact to NF footstep in Maienfeld. If you would like to understand your personality better and learn out of this how to build up natural authority for your future. I am more than happy to support you with my services in personal development. Do not hesitate to contact me just now, to get a concrete offer. I am looking forward to get in touch with you.

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