Taoist wisdom for further development of your personailty

Since more than 20 years I deal with various wisdoms bases on the taoist philosophy of life: I am certified Feng Shui consultant, Chinese Astrologist and taoist face reader. I expanded this knowledge by various experiences from different cultures to present a well-rounded offer. Interested people but also teams or whole companies can profit from these chances and get inputs for their further development.

I provide for you:

  • Feng Shui Analysis for your appartment or your house (also for new projects) or your business
  • Energetic five element smoke healing
  • Personality analysis, relationship analysis and business analysis according the art of Chinese Astrology
  • Analysis of chances and potentials according to the wisdom of Taoist Face Reading

Contact us just now for your further question or a concrete offer

+41 81 302 4114

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