Recently I read the following quotation: Raise your children to treat the caretaker with as much respect as the manager. I could not forget this quotation since I read it, because it is so true. For me respect is also one of the essential aspects of successful management. Many – especially bad – managers think, that they should get respect just because of their position. Staff who do not pay the respect to them are called respect less. In my view respect is similar to trust, which has to be worked for, by suitable behaviour. I has to grow by time.

In opposition to the mentioned quotation – kids actually do not have to learn respect. They have the healthy portion of respect in their natural behaviour. It is more important that you take care and further develop this natural respect. This is exactly the same with staff members. A “classical” division between management and staff is not up to data any more. Various people have various skills and are ideally in a position where they can get best use from their talents.

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