Room numbers refreshingly different

Room numbers refreshingly different
Room Numbers in Hotel Kapitol, Most, CZ

On my recent promotion tour for our stagiaires-program i stayed in a local four-star-hotel in Most, CZ. Already on my way to the room I was fascinated by the corridors. Instead of classical room numbers they were refreshingly different. The design was modern and nice and distributed over the entire door height.

Is there anything less inviting than a conventional hotel corridor, with small – maybe badly readable – room numbers at the doors? If on top the light is dim and the carpet may have stains, it often motivates to turn round and leave the hotel right away. In this sense, it is great when a new concept is implemented and the different room numbers make really a refreshing impression.

Thinking outside classical structures often finds solutions and ideas on how conventional challenges can be mastered even better than in the past. In this case, the necessary inforation about the room numbers is used by means of a simple design element. In this way rather sober hallway is upgraded perfectly. It immediately creates a different atmosphere and an inviting impression.

Are you interested to find unconventional solutions to your challenges? I like to support you with my creative team as part of our hotel services. Do not hesitate and contact me just now! I am looking forward to.

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