Season’s end is Season’s Start

Season's end is Season's Start
Hotel Nira Alpina, Silvaplana, Switzerland

For many hotels these days marked the end of the winter season, which ends up in Switzerland typically after Easter break. A lot of tasks have to be completed at the end of a season: basic cleaning, shutting down of various facilities, administrational final work in human resources, packing and storing of various goods and materials, etc. For most companies, planning for the next season has already begun and especially acquisition of staff members is typically in full swing. However, are you also ready for the start of the next season from a marketing point of view? Because the end of a season is always also the start of the next season.

Recently, I got a great e-mail from one of my best internship partners (Hotel Nira Alpina in Silvaplana, Switzerland) with a funny Instagram-Video from the hotel-staff. It shows in fast forward the tidying and cleaning up, the packing for the interim season as well as a hearlty waving from all staff from the various levels of the hotel. This is an extremely sympathetic idea to close the season, to refresh guest contact and hopefully get some bookings for next season. This great example was extremely fascinating to me as it summarizes many aspects of good management: put the customer always in the focus and involve him in the business activities, appreciate staff members and especially thing always one step ahead. Especially in the hectic daily business of a hotel a good and foresighted management is very important to radiate quietness, constancy and reliability. In such an environment staff members can provide in an optimal way their full performance and concentrate fully on the guests. With this point of view, the end of a season for a manager is always the start of the new season.

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