Looking for Talents in Hospitality

Looking for Talents in Hospitality
Looking for Talents in Hospitality

Since 2014, we have been running our successful Stagiaires program twice a year. In the meantime, we could enable 400 young professionals with potential to have a unique experience in Switzerland and identify herewith net talents in hospitality industry. The success story will continue!

Would you also like to do an internship in a hotel or restaurant in Switzerland? Would you also like to be prepared accordingly for your internship? Then you are on the right track with us. Ideally, you should have already gained some experience in the hotel or catering industry and be open to new things. The better you speak German, the better your chances are. Above all, you must be motivated and willing to learn every day and give your best at work. This winter we will again run a pilot class in English with companies who committed to this. You just have to be willing to learn at least some basics in German.

We run our Stagiaires program twice a year. It consists of a two-week training course in Weggis near Lucerne and a paid three-and-a-half-month internship in a Swiss hotel or restaurant in a real working environment. In the training course you will be prepared in detail for the internship. You will learn Swiss customs and some basics in German. We will also prepare you intensively for the internship. For example, the food and drink menu at your internship company will also be discussed.

We’ll be recruiting again soon (you’ll find out the exact times and locations after you register):
TUE September 19, 2023 in the Czech Republic
WED September 20, 2023 in Slovakia
THUR/FRI 21st/22nd September 2023 in Hungary
If these details do not match, register anyway and we can arrange an online interview.

If you are interested in this experience, are older than 18 in December and have an EU passport – register online now at https://www.hospitality-academy.ch/stagiaires. You can also find further information there (mainly on the German site). If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to me directly at b.wicki@hospitality-academy.ch, I will be happy to provide further information and look forward to hearing from you!

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