What can I expect from the year of the rabbit?

What can I expect from the year of the rabbit?

On February 4, 2023, at 2:43 a.m., according to the traditional astrological calendar in China, the Year of the Water-Rabbit begins. What does this mean for us? What can I expect from it? As a qualified Chinese astrologer, I am interested in such questions and I go even further by asking myself how I can use these energies for myself.

In China, the rabbit is considered a symbol of good luck. With his proven diplomatic skills, he always seeks a balance by striving for harmony. This does not mean that he ignores critical points or even sweeps them under the rug. Rabbit is still a sign in the wood element, which is known for walking straight ahead. Compared to last year’s tiger, the rabbit embodies the yin component of the element and is therefore more subtle in dealing with situations. In addition, the water hare has a harmonious constellation, since the element of water fundamentally supports wood. As the element of water in 2023, like wood, also has a yin quality, it supports the rabbit optimally and does not overwhelm it, as could be the case with yang water. In this sense, a calmer year is to be expected, in which a lot can be prepared for the future in the background.

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