Young Talents – Next Generation

Young Talents - Next Generation
Junge Talente - Next Generation

Last Sunday again 20 young talents of the next generation started our stagiaires-programm. We offer this educational program since 10 years. It takes place the third time at Swiss Educational College in Weggis, Switzerland with a stonning view on Lake Lucerne. The program comprises on a two-week further educational course, followed by an internship of three and a half months in a Swiss hotel or restaurant.

The two-week course focusses basics of F&B-service and cuisine. We emphasize less on extended provision of theory. Much more our focus lays on the practical implementation as in two weeks the young talents will work in operations. An important part of the program of course are the language skills. Also in this topic the focus is not set on grammar or theory but on the practical use of the language, means understanding and especially speaking. Unfortunately, since a couple of years German is not mandatory any more in the typical countries of origin (Czeck Republik, Slovakai, Hungary). This is the reason why it became more and more challenging to find suitable candidates. On top of that the Swiss authorities are not open mindend to even start pilot runs with interested candidates from third countries. Therefore we offer a course in English already the second time. It is a major topic of us, that also English speaking students have to learn a minimum of German words or ideally some simple sentences even in Swiss German. In this way the young talents of next generation will have a great chance to enter into business with practical experience. In the following internship the learned skills are deepened and first routine is acquired. This especially supports in developping or expanding soft skills as reliabilitiy, puctuality exactness, etc.

As mentioned above this program is limited to European passport holders. Are you interested in this program? You can find more information on our website. It is my pleasure to answer your questions personally. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or would like to participate as training company. We look forward to your feedback.

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